Guest Post & Autism Show London Tickets Giveaway by Orkid Ideas

Orkid Ideas are giving away 2 pairs of free entry tickets to the Autism Show London* (tickets are worth £20) via their Facebook and Instagram pages! They’ve kindly written this guest post to explain more about themselves and their product Tom Tags.


Children benefit from using visuals to support their communication, organisation and learning.

Inspired by Tomas, a young boy with autism, TomTag by Orkid Ideas is an award-winning visual support system that children love to use.

When Tomas was diagnosed with autism, a language disorder and sensory difficulties, aged 4, his mum, Clare spent many late nights making picture cards to help his understanding and communication. She created a colour coded school bag packing checklist to help him remember what to take to school and bring home again.

It was such a success that Clare and her friend Deborah developed a visual support system to help other children and young people across a wide range of issues and areas of life. It seemed fitting to name it after their inspiration, Tomas!

The TomTag system consists of colourful, sturdy tags, click in buttons and water-resistant symbol stickers. It’s a quick and easy way to create personalised visual schedules, timetables, checklists – no need for any time-consuming printing and laminating.

Children can learn independent living skills such as packing a school bag, self-care routines or manging their feelings using visual checklists and prompts from the TomTag ‘I can do it ‘range. 

For children who get anxious or confused about transitions, special events or what’s going to happen next, personalised visual timetables and schedules from the TomTag ‘I know what to expect’ range can really help to reduce these anxieties and make life less stressful.

Whilst TomTag emotional visual resources such as thepopular ‘Share how I feel’ tag and TomTag Feelings Notebook can help children comfortably and confidently share and discus their feelings, worries and emotions.

Portable and robust, TomTag is ideal for use in the home or at school- it’s also just as easy to take it with you when you’re out and about.

TomTag will be exhibiting at the Autism Show in London at stand D17 on the 14th and 15th June and are currently offering 2 pairs of free entry tickets* ( worth £20 ) via their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

For more information about TomTag please visit


*Please note the giveaway is run by Orkid Ideas and we are not responsible for any part of this giveaway.

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