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Review: Twoey Glo

It’s so important to help children to enjoy learning to write. In my experience, children are more likely to learn how to write earlier if they are self motivated. That is to say, if they want to have a go themselves rather being told to. 

We were therefore quite excited to try out Twoey’s ‘Glo Board Follow My Word’, which is a board that you can write on using a UV torch! 

What did we like about it? 

  • Novel– The children were very very keen to have a go at writing with the UV Torch. If your aim is to engage children in forming letters, this resource, in my opinion, could tempt most children to want to have a go. Not many children can resist a glowing UV pen and board!

  • Simplistic– This resource is simple and as a result is very versatile. It can be used in whatever way suits the child best. For example, there’s a  wipe clean board that you can write on and children can copy from on the UV board. Children can use it to make shapes, form letters, write words etc. 

  • Quality– As with other Twoey resources, the quality is excellent. It looks durable and well made. 

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