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Which Orchard Toys games are useful for dyslexia?

I’m often asked for recommended resources for parents and teachers to support children with a specific SEND. So this week I wanted to focus on which resources/games I’ve used and would recommend for children with dyslexia. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to try out some of […]

Review: Twoey Glo

It’s so important to help children to enjoy learning to write. In my experience, children are more likely to learn how to write earlier if they are self motivated. That is to say, if they want to have a go themselves rather being told to.  We were therefore […]

Review: Nexus MagnePad

The children have been absolutely loving playing and learning with the Nexus MagnePad this week.  This stunning magnetic board is full of metal balls that are lifted to the holes in the surface of the board using the magnetic pen.  Children can use it to draw, practise writing, […]