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Review: Baffled (Family Board Game by Cheatwell Games)

Honestly think I’ve discovered our new favourite family board game this week! 

We’ve been playing Baffled by Cheatwell Games- a fun, memory based board game, which is absolutely brilliant.

What did we like about it? 

  • Fun! Memory games are well known for being good fun, but combine the excitement and mystery of a memory game with the rules of a board game and it’s even better. It was great discovering a game that’s enjoyable for grown ups as well as children. We genuinely enjoyed playing it as a family. 

    • Suitable for Wide Range of Ages- Cheatwell Games recommend this game for ages 8 years and over but (with support) we experienced children as young as 4 enjoying this game. We loved that the instructions has suggestions of how to differentiate this game to make it fair for younger/less able children to join in. By changing the number of ‘lives’ each player has. 

      • Helps Improve Memory- Memory skills are not only a valuable life skill to develop but they are also incredibly useful for tests and exams. This game provides a fun way of practising and developing memory skills through play. We were particularly impressed that the game even suggested strategies to help children (and grown ups) remember the tiles. These strategies could be used when children are older and preparing for examinations. 

      • Skill Based- This game is brilliant as it’s skill based and not knowledge based. The winner isn’t the person who knows the most but instead it’s the person who tries the hardest to memorise the tiles. Bad news for grown ups though- as this does mean the children have a good chance of winning! It also helps reinforce many other skills alongside memory skills, such as numeracy (counting the number on the dice and moving the counters)  and literacy (the tiles are placed on letters of the alphabet). 

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