Review: Good Job Reward Chart by Learning Resources UK

We’ve been trying out a fantastic reward chart by Learning Resources UK this week called Good Job Reward Chart

What did we like about it? 
Helps Reinforce Routines- Many children’s routines will be changing soon with the new school term around the corner. And we loved that this resource can help children (and their parents) adjust. Not only does it display each day of the week but it also allows you to order the routine for the day from getting dressed to brushing teeth at bedtime.

Ability to Customise it– A fantastic feature of this reward chart is you can personalise it to your child and the areas of focus that are appropriate to their age and ability. The wipe clean board allows you to write their name on it and you can either choose from the pre made magnetic cards with tasks such as ‘read a book’ or write on one of the magnetic cards yourself. 

Pictures– We loved that the chart has pictures and words, supporting those who are still learning to read. 
Positive Behaviour Management– If like me you’ve done a PGCE the phrase ‘catch ’em being good’ is likely to have have been drilled into you. And for good reason, a brilliant way of improving many children’s behaviour is by noticing the good things they are doing and rewarding them for it. We were therefore impressed that this reward chart included a separate area for ‘catching them being good’ to help encourage parents to be on the look out for good behaviour. 

Encourages Helping the Family– With age appropriate chores included in this chart to choose from, you can help start encouraging children to take part in simple, family chores such as putting their own clothes in the wash basket. 
Practical– Finally, this resource is incredibly practical- everything has been thought through with its wipe clean whiteboard background, container for the magnets and ability to hang it on the wall. 

Find it on Amazon here 

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