Review: Superhero Lotto by Orchard Toys

I can honestly say, this game has tranformed our family time at the dinner table. It’s the first game that we’ve found that both children can play with us, as a family. And we’ve had a lot of fun playing this game all together as part of our Superhero Week on The SEN Resources Blog

The Superhero Lotto Game can be played by 2-4 players. The idea of the game is to place the picture tokens face down in the middle and turn them over on your turn to try and collect your matching ones. The winner is the first person to fill their ‘bingo’ board. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Great Introduction to Board Games– We found it to be a fantastic first board game for young children. It’s aimed at 3+ but our youngest (18 months) enjoyed joining in too! With its chunky pieces, clear images and simple rules it’s perfect for developing a love of family board games from an early age. 

    • Introduces Turn Taking-I’m sure that anyone with young children will relate that turn taking is one of those tricky skills for children to master. This game provides a fun opportunity to practise turn taking. 

      • Differentiated– What’s brilliant about this game is its differentiated so that it can be enjoyed by all abilities. If you turn the lotto boards over, on the reverse is a more difficult way of playing the game where the child has to identify the objects to find on the tokens. Having two ‘levels’ on playing, enables the game to have more longevity as children will play with it when they are older too. 

        • Beautiful Pictures– As with all the Orchard Toys products, we loved it’s gorgeous, bold and bright pictures. Brilliant for engaging children in play and encouraging them to choose to play the game again! 

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