Review: Super Hero Costumes by TTS Group 

We’ve had hours and hours of wonderful, imaginative play this week using these super hero costumes by TTS Group as part of our Superhero Week on The SEN Resources Blog.

In our pack were three different coloured costumes designed to fit young children (although I can confirm they also fit small adults who may want to join in!) 

What did we like about them? 

  • Develop Imaginative Play– As soon as the kids put on their capes, masks and anklets they were in character as their very own super heroes! It was wonderful to watch them so absorbed in their imaginative play, running around, jumping and ‘rescuing’ everything! Imaginative play is fantastic for helping children make sense of the world they live in, it’s also brilliant fun and great escapism. These costumes are ideal for facilitating this type of interactive play. 

    • Foster Independence– One aspect of the costumes I particularly liked was how they are designed for young children to be able to put on by themselves! Not only does this free up the caregiver from undoing and doing up costumes over and over again, but importantly it helps children to develop their independence in getting dressed. Each fastening of the costume uses Velcro and helps children learn important skills that will help them with regular clothes too- doing up their own shoes, coats etc. 

      • Individual Designs-Each different coloured costume has a different pattern too, making them individual and special. Important features for children. 

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