Review: Under The Sea Creature Toys By Wild Republic

We’ve been learning all about the Sea this week on The SEN Resources Blog  and yesterday we set up our own Under The Sea small world using a selection of fantastic toys from Wild Republic

Small World Imaginative Play is wonderful for helping children to learn about a topic through play. It can prompt children to initiate their own learning, asking questions about what they are playing with. Find out more about Imaginative Play here.


What did we like about Wild Republics Sea Themed Toys?  

  • Range of Sea Creatures- What’s fantastic about the toys we played with was the wide range of sea creatures included. It’s not just fish and dolphins, there’s starfish, sea horses, squids, penguins, sea otters, hammer head sharks and the ocean bucket even included plants. The range not only enriches the play experience but it also make it a very educational resource. 

  • Colourful– The bright and bold colours really helped to engage the children in play. They are colourful but also realistic in their choice of colour, making them brilliant for Imaginative Play.

  • High Quality Soft Toys– We were very impressed with the quality of the soft toys. Beautifully made with real attention to detail. Ideal for children that enjoy the comfort of plush toys.

  • Perfect for Imaginative Play– Wild Republics under the sea creatures are brilliant for Imaginative Play. The children had so much fun creating their own under the sea environments and acting out what each animal would do. The Sea Creatures Expedition box was particularly good for this, with it’s movable parts and extra details, the diver even comes complete with a camera!!

Which toys did we play with?

Wild Republic have a fantastic selection of under The Sea toys. We were fortunate enough to play with their
Ocean Bucket Figurine Playset

Ocean Babies Tube

Plush Sea Critters Emperor Penguin

Plush Humpback Whale

Sea Creatures Expedition

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