Review: Classic World Car Transporter (Hippy Chick) 

Over the bank holiday weekend the children have been playing with this stunning, fun and beautifully made toy: The Classic World Car Transporter (Hippy Chick) 

What did we like about it? 

  • Beautifully Made– Made out of wood, in an environmentally safe production process, the double decker Car Transporter and its 3 cars are beautifully made. We loved the smooth edges, careful detail & perfect paint job!

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills- Fine Motor Skills are needed for important day to day tasks such as learning to write, correctly using a knife and fork and doing up buttons on a coat. This toy is an excellent example of a resource to help develop these skills through play. For example, when the children pick up the cars to put them carefully inside the Car Transporter and lift the ramp to allow the top deck to be made, they are developing their fine motor skills. (Read more about fine motor skills here)

  • Suitable For Range of Ages- We found this to be a great toy for siblings as it’s suitable for toddlers and young children alike. Toddlers might enjoy putting the vehicles into the Transporter and trying them out on the ramp, whereas older children can use it in Imaginative and small world play.

  • Promotes Imaginative Play– Our children loved pretending to be Car Transporter drivers, loading the three cars on board and taking them to their destination (..across the playroom) to be unloaded. Imaginative play is so important for helping children make sense of the world we live in. It’s also great fun!

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