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Review: CBeebies Mr Tumble Something Special Magazine (March) 

We had so much fun with our Mr Tumble Something Special Magazine last month (see my review here) so understandably the children were delighted when they got their March edition this week. 

For those of you who haven’t bought it before (or read my previous blog post) the magazine is fun and educational and based on the Mr Tumble Something Special TV Programme. It’s aimed at all pre-school aged children and is particularly useful for those with special educational needs and disabilities. 

What do we like about it?

The magazines are packed full of stories, colouring pages , stickers, activities, crafts and includes makaton signing system on every page. Great for entertaining and educating young children. We also love that the magazine promotes awareness of special educational needs and disabilities. 

This month’s Magazine: March  


The kids loved the toys included in this month’s magazine. Not only did they get another Mr Tumble (bonus- as they now have one each!) but it came with a boat, 3 ducks and some stickers! Fantastic for boating Imaginative Play. 

Knowledge learnt:

This month the magazine helped them learn all about: 
Baby Animals- Included in the magazine is an adorable poster of baby animals, teaching children the names of each animal baby and the sound it makes. Perfect for spring! 

Emotions– My favourite part of the magazine was the activity to make an emotion dice. Once made, the dice helps the child to understand their emotions and build their emotional vocabularly through play. 

-The Colour Orange: This edition focuses on the colour orange with activities such as colouring a tiger, identifying orange food, sticking orange socks and drawing a pumpkin!


Counting– There’s quite a lot of fun tasks to help children to perfect their counting skills this month. They cleverly include stickers as an integral parts of each counting activity to engage and motivate children…and it works! Our children really developed their number formation and their ability to count objects correctly. 


Craft Activities- This month’s craft activities were particulary fun. We’ve been cutting, folding and sticking to make the emotions dice…

…collaging a colourful butterfly

….and we were inspired to make a chick from a toilet roll! 

Pre-Writing and Early Writing Skill Activities : I loved that there were plenty of opportunities to practise pencil control and mark making:  following lines to find ducks, drawing a dog and even completing the drawings of kites. Brilliant, engaging activities to encourage children to put pen to paper. 

Favourite Activity: 
This month our favourite activity was “Sticking bits of paper on the butterfly” A really enjoyable and simple collage activity that children of all ages and abilities can complete. My children were really proud of their creation! 

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Please note this blog post is Sponsored and we also received a copy of the magazine for review. However, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. I had never thought of buying a comic/child’s magazine presuming they wouldn’t be particularly educational but I must say this one does look good.

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