Children's Book Review

Review: Buddy The Bear by Victoria Allen

We’ve been reading Buddy The Bearby Victoria Allen and illustrated by Ovidiu Toma.

A delightful bedtime story for children, full of adventures and fun.

What did we like about it? 

  • Perfect amount of Excitement- I always find it tricky finding a bedtime story that’s exciting enough to engage my children but not so thrilling that it frightens or excites them before bed. Buddy the Bear strikes that balance perfectly.

  • Reinforces the Importance of a Bedtime Story– I’m a big believer in the importance of bedtime stories for children (read my blog post here). I loved that as part of this story, Buddy the Bear also has his own bedtime story- great for promoting bedtime reading to children.
  • Illustrations– Gorgeous illustrations by Ovidiu Toma. I particularly love the illustrations of the main character Buddy The Bear- absolutely adorable.

  • Great for Beginner Readers– As well as a great addition to a toddler’s collection of bedtime stories. Buddy The Bear would also be useful for slightly older children who are starting to learn and develop their reading as it contains many high frequency words.

Buy it from Amazon by clicking on the picture below (affiliate link)

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