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Margarine Tub Car- Guest Post by John

Margarine Tub Car

Guest Post by John

Blue Peter used to be brilliant for craft ideas which were usually associated with the latest trends. I remember Thunderbirds – making Tracey Island with pipe cleaner trees and sunflower spread thunderbird 3 launch pad.

Taking inspiration from sunflower spread creations we made a new character for Cars 3. A new friend for Cruze Ramirez and Lightning McQueen built on the same solid foundations Blue Peter used.


What you will need:

  • Pure Sunflower Spread or similar margarine tub – Chassis
  • Two Pencils – you don’t mind not using again (straws are an alternative but not as stong) – Axles
  • Foam  Sheet to cut circles – Wheels
  • Coloured Card – Spoiler
  • Tissue Paper – Decoration

How to:

1. Clean the margarine tub

2. (Adult..)Pierce holes in the tub approximately the same height (unless you want a dragster)

3.Push the pencils through the margarine tub

4.Cut out four circles for the wheels out of a foam sheet

5.Pierce a small hole in the centre of the wheels and push fit onto the pencil axles


6.Decoration time – this was the point where the creation came to life. “Dad its got wheels” and off he went to go play with it. We then managed to get back to the table to finish decorating, fitting a spoiler and green tissue paper.

Patience – for both parent and child is the key skill with most craft activities. “Is it finished yet”, finished enough for you to play with and we can add more to it after.

By avoid having to wait for glue or paint to dry this build is a simple toy in minutes, which can then develop once they have played with it for a while.

Key Skills Learnt:

  • Patience
  • Following Instructions
  • Safety (adult making the holes in the chassis)
  • Creativity

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