Review: Easy Start Range by Stabilo

I’ve previously blogged about the importance of choosing the right implement for your child when learning to write

Specifically a child needs to feel comfortable when holding a pen or pencil, or they can easily be put off using it. 

I’ve been trying out the East Start range of pens and pencils by Stabilo this week.

What did I like about them?

  • They are ergonomically designed for left and right handers.  (I.e there are different pens and pencils for right and left handed people) 

  • They have an inbuilt (comfortable) grip area on the pen and pencil to help children learn where to place their fingers and thumbs when learning to write.


  • The pens are fun! They are colourful and appeal to children. 
  • Importantly they don’t look like ‘special’ pens for children who may be struggling to hold a pen properly, so children And teens don’t feel self conscious using them. In fact, it’s quite the opposite- I think these pens/pencils are MORE appealing to kids than many other pens and pencils.
  • We also found that writing with them was a lot neater and more controlled than other pens. 

Buy then on Amazon here

Other products by Stabilo include:

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