Resources for Learning the Alphabet 

As with anything that you are trying to teach a child, it’s important to use a few different approaches. This is because everyone learns in different ways.

These are a few resources that I’m using at the moment to help aid the learning of the alphabet with children that I teach.

If there’s any other resources you’d recommend let me know either email or via twitter @cheshiresentut 

  1. Displays– I’m a teacher and I can’t resist a display. Having the alphabet visible enables learning throughout the day and during play. Great for visual learners. I particularly like this one by Sparklebox as it displays both capital and lower case of each letter as well as real life examples of words beginning with that letter.

2.  Practise Forming Letters. This Wipe-Clean Alphabet drawing book from  Aldi ‘First Learning ABC’ is very reasonably priced and allows children to practise drawing the letters over and over again. It also extends learners with spaces to practice writing the letters without the dotted guide .

3. Alphabet Puzzles- I currently have two favourite puzzles for learning the alphabet. My first being a wooden puzzle by Toys of Wood Oxford . With chunky letters that children place in the corresponding place on the board. It helps children learn uppercase letters and words that begin with each one.

And secondly this floor jigsaw alphabet puzzle again from Aldi. A fun activity that helps children to order the alphabet as well as giving examples of words beginning with each letter.

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