Review: T Puzzle Tangram

This fun and challenging puzzle by Toys of Wood Oxford (Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden T Puzzle -Tangram Puzzle 4 pieces – Brainteaser Puzzle) is made of 4 brightly coloured, wooden shapes which can be positioned together to make different configurations. One of the most difficult configurations to make is the letter ‘T’.

My stars (aspects I liked)

  • This puzzle caters for all ages from 6 years upwards. And it is challenging for adults as well as children.
  • There are 100 patterns that can be made, with corresponding solutions on the reverse. Therefore, the puzzle can be played many times.
  • It’s a great settling activity or starter in a lesson- to help focus children. 
  • It helps develop patience and lateral thinking.

My wish (improvements)

My only wish would be that the leaflet inside the box with the puzzles and solutions on was larger, so that it’s easier to see the puzzles. 

Buy it on Amazon, click on the photo below to be directed to their site: 

(Affiliate link)

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