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Review: The Mark Makers by Little Learners 

We’ve been having fun this week practising our Mark Making and developing skills needed for learning to write- using this book The Mark Makers by Rachel Fay- Little Learners. What did we like about it?  Fun! Most importantly for young children ..this book is fun. In my opinion […]

Mini Review: One Magical Christmas

Title:  One Magical Christmas Why do we love it? Mesmerising illustrations and an exciting story of a teddy and doll finding their new home.  What makes it Christmassy? Father Christmas’ sleigh, toys and a Christmas ‘miracle’. Also the special moment on Christmas morning when children find presents under the […]

Mini Review: A Christmas Squirrel 

Title: A Christmas Squirrel by Mike Doodson Why do we love it?  A beautiful story to teach children the importance of generosity and kindness. The book also features superb, detailed illustrations of an array of adorable woodland animals -sure to engage young children.  What makes it Christmassy? A backdrop of snow, […]

Mini Review: My First Nativity Set 

Title : My First Nativity Set   Why do we love it? It’s beautifully written in easy to understand, short sentences for young children. The book is also accompanied by a cardboard nativity set to create! Making reading interactive and more engaging.  What makes it Christmassy? It tells the traditional […]