Children's Book Review

Review: Robin and the White Rabbit by Emma Lindström and Åse Brunnström

We’ve been reading Robin and the White Rabbit by Emma Lindström and Åse Brunnström (Jessica Kingsley Publishers) this week.

A clever and engaging children’s book about an autistic child who is struggling socially at school. The child makes friends with a white rabbit who suggests ways of helping.

What do we like about it? 

  • Provides useful strategies for children, in particular for autistic children to help them communicate their likes, dislikes and feelings. What’s fantastic about this book is the ideas don’t come from a ‘grown up’ but from the child’s friend- a white rabbit, making children more likely to engage with the sugggestions.

  • Helps children to realise they aren’t alone in finding social situations difficult. Including the child’s difficulties as part of a story helps to normalise them.
  • Could help other children to empathise and understand difficulties many autistic children have with social situations by featuring it in a story.

  • Simple illustrations and text perfectly compliment the message of this book by being not too distracting or overwhelming for the reader. 

Click on the picture below to buy from Amazon.

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