SEND & AP Improvement Plan (Government’s Plan for changes to SEND)

It’s been very busy in the world of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and education this week. On Thursday last week, the government launched the (long awaited!) SEND and AP Improvement Plan. The SEND and AP Improvement Plan sets out the changes the government is planning to make to the SEND ‘system’ in order to hopefully improve it and support children and young people with SEND better. The plan was in response to the ‘SEND Review’ – a government green paper , which was created in consultation with lots of people in and out of parliament about the difficulties in the SEND system.

You can access the 100+ page SEND and AP Improvement Plan on the government’s website here. But if you’ve not got time to read the document, or you’d just prefer to watch/listen instead of reading..then have a listen to my podcast episode where I interviewed the Children’s Minister Claire Coutinho yesterday and asked her all about the SEND and AP Improvement Plan. It’s 20 minutes long and you can listen here. Or watch below:

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