How to Keep Kids Cool During the Heatwave

It’s all over the news and social media that the temperatures are set to rise further over the next few days in the U.K. for this heatwave. With temperatures potentially reaching a record breaking 40 degrees Celsius in some areas. There has also been a red weather warning set by the Met Office for the heatwave.

So how can you keep your children cool during the heatwave? *

I asked people on both Twitter and Facebook for their advice and here’s some of the responses:

– Keep out of the sun during the hottest time of the day. Play in the shade.

– Do everything slower, encourage children not to run around in the heat!

– Ensure they drink ALOT more than normal.

– Ice lollies!

– Quarter fill drinks bottles with water, freeze over night then top up with cold water for a nice icy cold drink.

– Eat lots of salad and fruit as it has a high water content to keep them hydrated.

– If you can, use a paddling pool for the kids to play in (in the shade)

– Use cooling pads.

– Shut the blinds and curtains during the day, keep the windows closed to keep out the hot air and open them when it cools (hopefully!) to let in the cooler air before bedtime.

– If available, use fans to cool rooms down.

– Put baby wipes in the fridge & use them little ones down.

– Fill a tray with cool water for children to put their feet in.

– Set up water and ice play activities. Try freezing toys in ice over night for them to try and excavate or set up a tray with some ice cubes, water and toy artic animals to play with (buy my book for more suggestions!)

– Make sure they wear sun hats and cool loose fitting clothes outside, with suncream!

– Avoid the car or public transport if you can.

– Have lots of cool baths and showers.

– Use wet flannels/towels to help keep kids cool.

– Water flights in the garden!

If you’re looking for ways to keep babies and toddlers cool at night, follow my advice in this article this week in the Metro

What suggestions do you have? Let me know on social media or in the comments here and I may add them to the post.

* Please risk assess any activity/guidance yourselves based on the children in your care, look up further guidance (for example from the NHS/your health visitor) for looking after babies & toddlers and vulnerable children in the heat who may be at more risk and if you are concerned about your child’s health during the heatwave it’s important to speak to your GP.

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