Book Bingo- Summer Holiday Activity

I’ve spoken to lots of people over the last week about their concerns of how to maintain reading progress over the summer holidays.

And rightly so, practising reading is really important and children can make wonderful progress by reading every day (even just small amounts)

If your child doesn’t (yet!) enjoy reading it can be tricky to keep up the momentum with reading over the summer holidays without feeling like you’re ‘nagging’ them.

One fun activity you could try over the summer holidays is my ‘book bingo’

– Make a bingo grid with 6 spaces in it by splitting a sheet of paper into 6.

– Fill each section with different suggestions of books they need to either find/ read.

– Examples could be: a book with a cat in, a book that made you laugh or a book that’s set at the seaside.

– Children then have to cross off when they’ve read a book on their grid. You may choose to give them a small reward when they complete the grid!

For more ideas on how to spark a love of reading for children with reading difficulties have a watch of my webinar here.

If you’re looking for books and resources for children with reading difficulties such as dyslexia have a read of my recommendations here

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