Half term: 7 Days of Screen Free Play

I started writing a post this weekend about fun virtual things for children to do over the half term holidays. And I stopped myself. I realised, as wonderful as all these online, virtual events, classes and tours are..what are children really need, after a term of Microsoft teams meetings and zoom play dates… is a week of screen free, play!

So I’m launching #7DaysScreenFreePlay. A free week long initiative to get children off their screens and playing during half term week.

There’s a free, downloadable infographic of ideas to do during the week. Teachers, feel free to share/email to the families of the children at your school. And please everyone help spread the word!

Also join my Facebook group to share ideas here

The idea is that families take part and if they would like to, they can share their ideas of Screen Free play for half term using the hashtag #7DaysScreenFreePlay on social media to inspire others (please only share photographs you have permission to share)

The idea isn’t to make people feel guilty for using screens or to ban screens, but to help share ideas of screen free play over 7 days to encourage children to have less screen time whilst they can.

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