Help and resources if the schools close

I’ve been getting a few messages from anxious parents about potential school closures etc.

Here’s some help:

⭐️ Phonics:
I’ve made two activity packs to download:

Phase 1 (preschool level and suitable for older children ) download here

Phase 2 (reception level & suitable for older children)download here there’s enough to keep you going for a couple or weeks or so.

⭐️General primary home learning:

31 videos I recorded in the spring of home learning activities you can easily do at home. Watch them here

And I’ll be doing more if the schools close.

⭐️Other resources?

  • General: our favourite resources for home schooling are here

Phonics– our favourite phonics resources are here.

Maths– our favourite resources to help with maths are here.

Emotions– here’s our favourite resources to help children understand emotions

⭐️Also, I offer;

And if you’re looking for resources or help on a particular topic, have a look using the search bar at the top of our home page or ask me!

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