How to Make and race Lego Balloon Cars!

Try making and racing your very own Lego balloon cars! So much fun, easy to build and great fun to watch racing across the floor!


What do you need?


-lego bricks

How do you make them?

1. Build a simple car using Lego

2. Make a gap in the back for the end of the balloon

3. Positition your balloon

4. Blow it up

5. Hold the end until you’re ready and then launch!

Please (parents/carers only) share any photos of your challenges on social media if you’d like! Use the hashtag #SENRESOURCESSUMMER and tag us in it (details below). You can also email us it 




*Disclaimer: As with all activities on our site, we accept no responsibility for any injuries, harm etc. Please risk assess all activities yourself based on the people and children taking part. 

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