Castles and Magic

How to Make a Magic Wand! #SENRESOURCESSUMMER

Today’s our last day of Castles and Magic week on The SEN Resources Blog, as part of our #SENRESOURCESSUMMER Online Summer club. Next week the theme is Transport! Make sure you’re following us on social media and via our blog for updates.Use the hashtag #SENRESOURCESSUMMER  and follow us on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. To follow our blog, just go to the menu (top right) and scroll down to pop your email address in (its free).

Anyway our last activity for this week is for your kids to try and make their very own MAGIC WAND!


Heres how:

What do you need

Stick/twig, Glue (ideally a glue gun), paint/sequins/glitter/plastic gems/glitter glue/ribbons etc.

How to make it:

  1. On a walk together or in the garden, look for suitable sticks to make your wand.


  1. Decide on your design. You may decide you want to make a more traditional looking one (without sparkles!) like from Harry Potter. Or you may love the idea of having lots of glitter and sparkles.
  2. Next either with pva glue (or ideally with a glue gun- adults do this only & keep away from children). Turn the stick whilst putting the glue onto the stick in a line, making it spiral round the stick right from the top. Leave to dry.

3. Decorate.

Please (parents/carers only) share any photos of your creations on social media if you’d like! Use the hashtag #SENRESOURCESSUMMER and tag us in it (details below). You can also email us it 





*Disclaimer: As with all activities on our site, we accept no responsibility for any injuries, harm etc. Please risk assess all activities yourself based on the people and children taking part. 

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