Castles and Magic

How to Make Knight’s Shield! #SENResourcesSummer

It’s CASTLES AND MAGIC week as part of our #SENResourcesSummer (find out more about our free summer holidays activities here)

Yesterday we launched a competition for this week to win a Magformers set by making a cardboard castle. Enter on Facebook here.

Today we are showing you how you can make you very own Knight’s Shield, using some cardboard, paints, string and a few other bits and bobs. Parents/Carers (only) feel free to share photos of your shields on social media using our # #SENResourcesSummer.

Tag us on facebook, twitter or instagram.


How to make a Knight’s Shield 

What do you need?

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Paints
  • Sequins/wood pieces/gemstones etc to decorate
  • Glue

How do you make a cardboard shield? 

  • Cut out the shape of a shield in cardboard using scissors (depending on the age and ability of the child, this may need to be done by the adult)
  • Paint the shield

  • Use glue and sequins, gemstones, wood pieces etc to stick on.

  • Once dry, adult to make two holes in the back.

  • Thread string through and tie a knot at both ends. This will make the handle.
  • Your shield is complete!

Please (parents/carers only) share any photos of your creations on social media if you’d like! Use the hashtag #SENRESOURCESSUMMER and tag us in it (details below). You can also email us it 







*Disclaimer: As with all activities on our site, we accept no responsibility for any injuries, harm etc. Please risk assess all activities yourself based on the people and children taking part. 

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