Review: Sum Fun- Addition Jigsaws by Just Jigsaws

We’ve been having great fun practising addition this week whilst playing with Just Jigsaws’ Sum Fun Addition Jigsaws.


This fantastic set of ten jigsaws isn’t just beautifully hand made with gorgeous images, it’s also a brilliant way to sneak a bit of maths into your child’s play! Great for at home learning and for schools.

The set comes complete with ten, chunky wooden puzzles. Each puzzle is made of three pieces that connect to create a picture and an addition sum. Not only do children they develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and memory skills completing these puzzles but they are also learning maths skills.

What did we like about it?

  • Reinforces Maths Skills- We loved how these puzzles help reinforce a child’s basic maths skills. Each of the ten puzzles has a separate addition sum on it. Children have to find the correct pieces to form the sum and find the answer. They are fantastic for helping children understanding simple addition up to 10. What’s particularly great about these puzzles is that they don’t just show the sum in number form, but they use pictures above the sum of animals/objects to visually represent the sum. For example for one of the puzzles, it has a tree with three squirrels on it, then another tree with three more squirrels on and once you attach these together you find the next piece which has the total number of squirrels on it (6). Having a visual representation of the maths question can be really beneficial for many children, helping them to understanding maths in context, rather than it being an abstract concept. It also provides them with the opportunity to count the objects/animals-which makes the addition easier.

  • Learning Through Play- As those that read The SEN Resources Blog regularly will know, I’m a huge believer in the importance of learning through play. This jigsaw, like all of Just Jigsaw’s puzzles, really embraces this philosophy. And let’s face it, this is important, as children are going to learn so much more when they are relaxed and happy playing. We loved seeing the children enjoying connecting the pieces together, reading the numbers of the pieces and trying to find the answer pieces whilst playing. Lovely to see them enjoying a puzzle without fully realising how much maths they were actually doing!

  • Appeals to Kids-  The children adore this puzzle. It’s bright, colourful and chunky! The pictures are perfectly pitched at young children- with animals, ice creams and vehicles. It’s a really fun and engaging way of practising basic addition sums.

  • Quality– As a parent of young children, what I found particularly brilliant is the quality of this jigsaw. It is hand cut in Britain, durable and chunky and you can tell just holding it that it’s going to last for years.

Find this puzzle and many more of Just Jigsaw’s fantastic puzzles on their website here.


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*Please note we received a sample product for the purpose of this review and this post is sponsored. All thought and opinions are our own. 

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