Review: I’m Going To School- Transitions Workbook by Nikki Saunders

You may remember last week we reviewed a brilliant book to help children understand Autism called My Awesome Autism (read the review here).

Lots of our readers were very impressed by it so I’m delighted to be able to share with you another children’s book by the same author (Nikki Saunders) called I’m Going To School – Transition Workbook: It’s all new, what do I do?

This is a fantastic book for all children who are starting school in September, but especially for autistic children for whom the huge change may create some additional challenges.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and school and nursery closures, this workbook may be even more important to help with the transition for children to starting school after a long period at home without seeing friends and other adults.

The book is a workbook for children to complete with their parent/carer to help talk through the details of school life- such as who their teacher will be and where they will put their coat.

What did we like about it?

  • Detailed– The detail in this book is wonderful, it goes through the whole school day from what to do if you have a question during lessons to what happens at the end of the day when you get picked up. Preempting any uncertainties that may arise is key to a smooth transition for many children.

  • Reassuring– In my opinion, this book will be very reassuring for young children. Nikki Saunders includes lots of answers to common worries of ‘what will happen if?’ throughout. Helping children know what to do when things don’t go well as well as when they do.

  • Fun– I honestly wish I’d have had this book when my eldest started school. He would have loved it. It’s packed full of cartoon-like illustrations with bright colours and snappy text. Kids will also love filling it in, personalising it and sticking photographs in it. Often as parents we try to prepare children for big events in the same way that we prepare for them ourselves, with big conversations. But for many children this isn’t the best way for them. This book is a much gentler and fun mechanism for preparing children for school, it’s visual, fun, personalised and pitched at their age group.
  • Provides an opportunity for positive communication with school prior to starting- What I particular love about this book is that it doesn’t just provide a way for parents to talk to their child about starting school but also for families to chat to a school about it too. Obviously schools will help to prepare your child with or without this book and will happily chat through your concerns before hand. But the thought that a parent might call up the school and explain that they are completing this workbook with their child and could they have a photo of their teacher or classroom filled me with joy. As a former teacher, this would have made such a wonderful impression on me of the family, showing how supportive they are of their child and it would also have helped me to understand the child’s needs more fully before starting. It’s a wonderful way of starting a positive conversation between school and home. And also beginning the partnership of support to help the child thrive in school.

Buy I’m Going To School – Transition Workbook: It’s all new, what do I do? on Amazon here.

*Please note we received a complimentary copy for review purposes and this post is sponsored.

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