Children's Book Review

Best Books About Making Friends and Friendship for Young Kids

Understanding friendships, making friends and navigating playground friendship groups can be tricky for lots of children.

Here are some of our favourite books for young children to help them learn about friendships and hopefully encourage them to open up about any problems they may be having.

  • Midge & Mo: 8 (Colour Fiction) Although slightly longer than the usual picture books we review, this uplifting book definitely deserves its place in our favourite books for helping children learn about friendships. Fantastic for children who have moved to a new school and a great way to illustrate how determination and perseverance pays off.

  • The Girls If you’re wanting to instil in children the importance of friendships this is the book to choose. A heartwarming story that shows how friendships can last a lifetime and good friends can support you through life’s hurdles.

  • The Suitcase Such a wonderful book all about showing kindness to new people to make them feel welcome. Great book for introducing migration to young children too.

  • The Resident Pheasant What a stunning book- in both it’s illustrations and story. Just gorgeous. This book cleverly covers a multitude of topics from friendships, humanity and kindness to refugees.

  • The Seeds of Friendship A lovely book with gorgeous watercolour illustrations telling the story of a boy who moves countries and starts a new school. A great book for teaching children about making new friends.

  • This Zoo is Not for You– An enjoyable, funny and rhyming book that gently passes on the message of inclusion and kindness. It also teaches kids not to be quick to judge others.

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