Review: The Divorce Journal for Children by Sue Atkins

Divorce can be a difficult process for families and an unsettling time for children. There’s countless books available for couples going through divorce, but in my opinion it’s important to remember that any children in the family will also need support. We were therefore thrilled to discover this gem of a book by Sue Atkins: The Divorce Journal for Children.

What did we like about it?

  • It doesn’t tell children how to cope with their parents divorce– As wonderful as it would be if there was a book with all the answers of how to cope with parents’ divorce- everyone deals with separation differently and there’s no set way of how to handle it. I love that this book embraces this. It doesn’t tell children how to cope and doesn’t provide the magic (non existent!) solution. Instead it provides a realistic way to help- an opportunity for children to reflect on their feelings, talk to their parents and feel valued.
  • Promotes conversations- With it’s activities and prompts this journal could help children to open up about how they are feeling. It might also help parents or anyone working with the child to identify and address any misconceptions/misunderstandings a child might have about divorce.
  • Children aren’t limited by their writing ability- Whats fantastic is this journal is it’s accessible and children aren’t limited by their literacy. For example, parents can read the activities and prompts to their child and the child could draw their answers instead of writing.
  • Empowers children– One of the best thing about this book, in my opinion, is that by giving it to a child you are sending them a clear message that you value their thoughts, their opinions and feelings. That they matter and their feelings are important to you. This book shows children that you understand that the divorce isn’t just about you but will effect them too. Having a book that encourages children to express their feelings, should help empower them.

Find it on The Sue Atkins Parenting Coach website here.

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