Easy to Make Christmas Tree Decorations for Young Children: Sparkly Christmas Tree Decorations

If you’re looking for an easy, exciting craft for young children in the run up to Christmas, this one is for you. Sparkly Christmas tree decorations for your Christmas tree. Great for young children, primary school, pre school, toddlers etc.


We’ve had so much fun creating these sparkly Christmas tree decorations. Whats particular wonderful about this is that the children can actually make it all by themselves…might sound ridiculous, but in my opinion, there are far too many so called ‘kids’ crafts on the likes of Pinterest etc that I find myself thinking ‘but the kids clearly didn’t actually make that!’

As a parent, I know I don’t want a Christmas themed craft coming home from school that I can see that my child hasn’t actually made themselves! And with my teacher hat on, its so much better for development, creativity and enjoyment if they get to make it all themselves!


What do you need?

  • Ribbon/thread for hanging.
  • Plastic Jewels, sequins or anything shiny!
  • Wooden Christmas Tree Shapes (Find them on Amazon here* Affiliate links) (If you didn’t want to buy any, you could create something similar yourself using card)


How do they make it?

  • Draw round the wooden Christmas tree shape onto the felt and cut it out. (x2)


  • Stick the felt onto both sides of the tree using the PVA glue.
  • Get to work sticking jewels and adding glitter glue to their tree. We used the foam pads to stick the jewels down, to make it easier for the kids.
  • Thread the ribbon through the hole at the top of the wooden tree decoration and tie at the top.
  • Leave to dry (we had to leave ours to dry for a good day or so due to how much fun they had with the Glitter Glue!!)\

*Please note we were sent some Bostik products to try out. Please also note this post contains Amazon affiliate links, all this means is we get a small commission, at NO extra cost to yourselves at all, for referring you. 

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