Weighted Lap Buddy (Beagle) Twitter Giveaway!

We are very excited this week to be teaming up with the brilliant Special Direct to giveaway a Beagle Weighted Lap Buddy to THREE lucky winners on Twitter HERE! (Terms and Conditions Apply, please read them here)


What is the Beagle Weighted Lap Buddy?

The Beagle Weighted Lap Buddy is a small weighted lap blanket with a soft toy Beagle Dog attached. Like a regular weighted blanket, it is designed to help children relax and help concentrate easier. Unlike other weighted blankets, the Lap Buddy has a soft toy attached- helping make it appeal to children more.


What do we like about it? 

  • Fun, ‘Toy-Like’ Design to make it appeal to children.
  • Designed to help children relax and calm in school or at home (or even out and about)
  • Made to reduce excess fidgeting.
  • Helps focus and concentration
  • Provides deep calming pressure.


How can you Enter to win one?

Go to our Competition Tweet here (Full Terms and Conditions Apply, please read them Here.)


Categories: Parenting

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