Best Books about the Human Body for Young Kids

I used to teach Biology and I believe it’s important to help children to learn about the Human Body. It’s such a fascinating topic and what makes it even more exciting for them is it’s all about them! With young children, relevance is key to engaging them in a topic and it can’t get more relevant than learning about themselves!

Here are my favourite books for teaching young children about the human body

This board book book is wonderful! And don’t be fooled by the title, it’s suitable for toddlers and older children too. It’s a great, simple yet accurate introduction to how our bodies work.

I challenge you to find any child that won’t react with a ‘wow!’ to the first page of this book! As they open the book a pop-up human skeleton appears…as if sitting on the page! A fabulous way of engaging children right from the start- in an interesting and very educational book.

We adore this incredibly informative book. So much so we will be keeping it on our book shelf as our ‘go to’ guide for any human body related questions that the children may come up with. It’s information is perfectly pitched for kids.

We are huge fans of Usborne’s books, especially their non-fiction ones and this one doesn’t disappoint. Lift the flaps bring the facts about the human body to life and help to make the topic engaging and interactive.

Kids love a book that comes with a ‘toy’ and what’s fantastic about this ‘toy’ is it’s wonderfully educational! Children will enjoy holding and asking questions about their model human body as they listen and learn from the book.

Full to the brim of amusing illustrations and colourful stickers this book is great for interactive learning about the human body.

*Please note we were sent some samples for review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains some amazon affiliate links, for more information please read our About me section.

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