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Review: Artie 3000- The Drawing, Coding Robot

Are you teaching children to code at school? Or are you keen for your own children to be introduced to coding?

Either way, we’ve discovered the coolest, drawing robot- Artie 3000 who makes children want to code.

How does Artie 3000 work?

Like many, when I hear the word ‘Coding’ I panic that I’m going to have to get to grips with some complicated software or difficult ‘robot’.

And the fear with complicated technology when teaching children is often double as you’ve got to understand it very quickly in order to be able to then show eager children what to do!

Thankfully, I can confirm that Artie is incredibly simple to set up, use and demonstrate (even whilst excited children are sat next to you waiting to play with him!)

What do we like about him?

  • Quick and Easy to Set Up– I literally opened the box, popped in some AA batteries, followed some short instructions to allow me to programme him from our tablet (so much easier than it sounds, I promise!) and then we put a pen in the top of him and off we went. Within minutes of opening the box we had Artie drawing squares and lines on paper across the floor. The programming is really easy too, it just involves choosing and dragging & dropping the codes.
    • Purposeful Coding– What’s wonderful about Artie is he gives coding a real purpose- drawing art! Children are much more engaged in an activity if there’s an incentive and purpose. It was great seeing the determination of the kids to try and get Artie to correctly draw shapes and lines.

    • Unique & Fun! Understandably, a drawing robot that uses a tablet/computer to code is great fun for kids…making this a brilliant way of encouraging children to learn and enjoy coding.

    • Develops Skills- As those that read our blog regularly will know we love toys and learning resources that help children develop skills. Artie is brilliant for developing a whole array of skills from creativity, basic maths, geometry to programming.

    • Suitable for Wide range of Abilities– I particularly loved how Artie can be enjoyed by such a range of abilities. Artie has different ways you can use him: pre-programmed shapes, games, art for colouring and freeform coding. You can also differentiate by teacher/parental input- stretching children to try more coding by themselves and supporting them through harder tasks.
    • Washable Pens!! Sounds like a ridiculous point, but I assure you it’s not! I doubt I’m the first parent who panics when confronted with a toy/learning resource that draws with pen!! But thankfully the pens are washable!

    Where can you buy it?

    Find Artie 3000 on Amazon here and on Learning Resources UK website here.

    *Please note, this blog post was sponsored and we received a sample product for review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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