‘Can I Tell you About…’ books

For parents of children with Special Educational Needs, trying to help others (family members, friends, peers, professionals etc) understand their child can sometimes be difficult.

We’ve been reading a selection of books from the series “Can I Tell You About… which includes books for the the following

…and many more, see more titles on on Amazon here

What do we like about them?

  • Informal: We love how each books explains the basics of some types of special educational needs (as well as other topics) in an informal style, without patronising the reader. Great for family and friends.
  • Explained from a Child’s Point of View- What’s fantastic about these books is they are written as if a child is explaining all about themselves to someone. This makes it relatable for children when learning about their peers, encouraging understanding and empathy. It also helps make the book very practical and useful for people who will be caring/teaching the child.

  • Suitable for Children to Read– I love that these books could be read by a child’s peers at school or at home. The cartoon illustrations, colourful front cover, friendly characters and concise text all help to ensure the books are ideal for children.

Find them on on Amazon here

*Please note, we were sent samples for review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains amazon affiliate links, for more information see our About Me section.

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  1. These books are gems! Perfect for friends and family, and I wish all classrooms had them available. I imagine there would be a lot less teasing in classrooms if the kids understood how and why some kids are a little different. Jessica Kingsley Publishers recently published another book in this series, Can I Tell You About Courage?, and I really recommend reading it. This one if more for kids than for adults/teachers, but still a lovely read. I hope it will inspire kids to be brave and include others (one of the topics in the books is standing up to peer pressure from friends, and not leave anyone out when inviting to your birthday party).

    Great review! xx

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    • Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. I haven’t read the Courage one, sounds great- will have a look. I completely agree- they are such a fantastic series of books


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