Review: Logico Primo

This week we’ve been trying out Logico Primo*, a brilliant, screen-free, educational resource for children aged 3-6 years old.

What is it?

Logico Primo is a self-checking, learning game designed for children. It comprises of a frame that learning cards slide into. Children complete the task on the card by moving and matching bright coloured buttons to the correct answers. They then turn the card over to check the buttons are in the right place- and that they have selected the correct answers. Children can then slide the cards out and choose the next card in the pack to try.


In the Logico Primo Range there are various different themed packs of cards to choose from to support a child’s individual learning. The packs cover a whole range of skills and understanding that compliments the early years foundation stage. They can be found on the Logico Website here.

What do we like about it?

  • Enjoyable for Children- We found that the children genuinely enjoyed playing and learning with the Logico Primo. They loved it’s toy-like appearance- it truly feels like a toy with it’s bright coloured, chunky buttons to move. They were also engaged by the interesting topics and lovely illustrations. The activities are short, snappy and fun and keep a young child’s attention. We also noticed the children had a real sense of satisfaction and pride when they completed each card correctly- great for building confidence in learning.


  • Easy to Differentiate– Logico Primo is designed to be used by children aged 3-6. Logico Primo differentiates its activities to ensure that the whole range of abilities within this age bracket are catered for. Each pack has an age recommendation on it, helping parents and teachers to identify the most suitable one to choose. Another great aspect is that the cards within each pack start at an easy level and become progressively more difficult as you work your way through the numbered cards. Therefore, each child can start at the card most appropriate to their ability. For example, a child who is finding counting and matching numbers up to six challenging may need to start on the first card in this pack, whereas a child who has nearly mastered this could start on a card mid-way through the pack.

  • Children are not Limited by their Literacy Skills– Possibly my favourite aspect of this learning resource is that children do not have to be able to read, write or speak at all to be able to excel at Logico Primo. In my experience, this is really rare. A lot of learning resources require children to be able to read/write in order to complete the activities- potentially putting off children who don’t yet have these literacy skills but are capable in other ways. Logico Primo allows children to show their true potential at numeracy, strategic thinking tasks etc regardless if they can read, write or even speak yet.
  • Skill Based– The range of skills that the Logico Primo helps develop is vast! It has the potential to help children develop their logical thinking skills, problem solving, observational skills, numeracy skills, memory etc. With the added bonus that they are learning these all through play.


  • Active Learning – Children have to physically move the bright coloured buttons to the correct answers, making the Logico Primo not a passive learning resource but one that children have to physically engage in. It’s also completely screen free. By moving each of the chunky buttons children are also provided with an opportunity to practise their fine motor skills which are important for learning to write (find out more about Fine Motor skills here)


  • Enables Independence – Young Children are often desperate for their own independence and love being able to do things by themselves. Once a child has been shown how to use the Logico Primo, we found, depending on age and ability, the majority can use it without adult support. Children can also check their own answers, set their own time limits and work at their own pace.


  • Portable– We found the Logico Primo to be be very portable and easy to take out and about. This is thanks to the fact it has no loose parts (there’s no pen to misplace!) it’s hard wearing, easily slides into a bag and unlike a tablet isn’t going to have a smashed screen if it’s dropped! It could be a brilliant, educational way of keeping little ones entertained in the car, on a train, plane or in a restaurant.


  • Longevity– Logico, in my opinion, is a great resource that will stand the test of time. This is because there are a whole range of different topic packs to keep children interested and each of these packs contains 16 cards- providing hours of learning and fun. In addition, we were excited to discover that as children get older they can move onto Logico Piccolo which is designed for children aged 7+.

Find out more about Logico and the Logico Primo Range by visiting their website here


* Please note, this post is sponsored and for the purpose of the review we were sent samples. However, all words and opinions are our own. 

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  1. Have to buy this. Your suggestion of using during car journeys is brilliant will solve the dropped pencil calls currently echoing from the back seats!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So pleased you liked my recommendation. It’s a brilliant learning resource and would be fantastic for journeys. And yes- definitely solve the dropped/lost pencils situation for you!


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