Clicformers Twitter Giveaway

We are very excited to be able to give away one set of Clicformers to three lucky winners on Twitter this week, courtesy of the lovely people at Magformers! For more information about our giveaway please head over to our Twitter Page to find our Competition Tweet. To enter you need to Like and Retweet the Competition Tweet and Follow The SEN Resources Blog’s Twitter account @cheshiresentut and Magformers’ UK Twitter account @Magformers_GB    *

 (*Full terms and conditions apply and can be found here, please note there will be three winners and each winner will receive one Clicformers set, chosen at random) 

What are Clicformers?

Clicformers are a novel, fun, educational and unique construction toy for children. Made of plastic, the pieces click together to enable children to make three dimensional creations. They encourage children to follow instructions to plan and build 2D nets that then fold into the 3D model.

See our review of one of their other sets, the Transportation set, here.


What do we like about Clicformers?

  • Fun– Clicformers are great fun. Children love how different they are from other construction toys and the array of things you can create with them.
  • Develop Fine Motor Skills and Hand Strength– What really struck me when I was helping the children create with the Clicformers, was how fantastic they are for helping children develop their hand strength and fine motor skills (read more about fine motor skills here). In terms of hand strength, it requires a fair bit of force to click the pieces together and is therefore, in my opinion, a great way of developing this.
  • Inspires Creativity– Not only do Clicformers teach children how to follow instructions carefully, but they also inspire creativity. We observed the children’s confidence grow when using Clicformers and them pushing themselves to attempt to make their own unique creations, no longer needing the instructions and instead just using their imaginations.

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