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Review: Dangerous Dinosaurs by Imagine That Publishers

Does your child love dinosaurs? Are you always trying to quench their thirst for Dino knowledge? Do you talk about dinosaurs together so much that you feel you’ve missed your calling as a palaeontologist?

If so, I’d highly recommend this brilliant book Dangerous Dinosaurs by Joshua George (Imagine That Publishers).*

Packed full of more than 100 dinosaur facts and an astonishing 50 flaps to lift up, Dangerous Dinosaurs has fast become one of our most read books.

What did we like about it?

  • Facts, Facts and even more Facts– This book is a treasure trove of interesting dinosaur facts. There’s so much to read and learn. But what makes it particularly clever is, instead of lots of paragraphs of information, the facts are spread out and hidden under flaps all over the pages in concise, snappy sentences. The authors have really thought about how to provide the tonnes of information children crave..whilst keeping the child actively engaged.
img_1457 Example of page with the flaps closed
img_1454 Example of same page with flaps open
  • Interactive– We love that this book is interactive. Each page is dotted with lots of well hidden lift the flaps to discover, keeping children’s interest and intrigue. Some of the flaps reveal interesting information whilst others change the way the pictures look, or make the dinosaurs look like they move/change expression. The dinosaur fossil hunt page for example, fuels children’s imaginations- helping them to imagine they are taking part in a fossil dig and lifting the flaps to discover dinosaur skeletons!


  • Stunning Illustrations– The illustrations in Dangerous Dinosaurs by Ed Myer are beautiful, like art work in their own right. This page in particular which depicts the Jurassic Period- is gorgeous, with it’s moody background colours contrasting against the bright Brachiosaurus.


  • Range of Dinosaur Topics Dangerous Dinosaurs doesn’t just teach children the names of Dinosaurs and how to pronounce them (although it does do this brilliantly!) it also provides information about a whole range of other dinosaur information. For example, it covers the various different periods in history when dinosaurs were around, how scientists believe the dinosaurs became extinct, which specimens museum’s have on display and how dinosaur fossil were excavated. The breadth of topics means it’s fantastic for further enhancing your child’s knowledge of dinosaurs.

  • Perfectly Pitched Humour– Perhaps one of the best bits of this book is how genuinely funny children find it. For young children, this book is comedy gold. Our giggling highlights were the ‘no I’m stuffed’ joke on the first page, the expression on an angry baby triceratop’s face, Dinosaurs getting squished by bigger dinosaurs and the not forgetting the mentions of Dino poo!


Where can you buy it?

Buy it on Amazon here or Hive here. Visit Imagine That Publishers website here.

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Why not follow Imagine That Publishers on Social Media? Here’s their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.



* Please note this blog post was sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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