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Review: Mr Tumble Something Special Magazine (January 2019)

If like me, you and your children are feeling a bit stuck in the limbo days between Christmas and New Year (where you’re all not entirely sure of what day of the week it is at the moment) I’d recommend completing January’s Mr Tumble Magazine as something fun and educational to do together. 

This month’s edition is all about winter time- with it’s penguin crafts, polar bear page and scarf colouring activity. 

If you didn’t know already, we at The SEN Resources Blog are huge fans of this fun and educational magazine series based on the Mr Tumble Something Special TV Programme. It’s aimed at all pre-school aged children and is particularly useful for those with special educational needs and disabilities.

What do we like about it? 

The magazines are packed full of stories, colouring pages , stickers, activities, crafts and includes makaton signing system on every page. They are great fun and very educational. We also love that the magazine promotes awareness of special educational needs and disabilities.

This Month’s Magazine: January 2019



The children LOVED this month’s selection of toys- their very own music set. It includes a recorder, shakers and a tambourine. Providing hours of musical (albeit slightly noisy..) entertainment! 

What’s inside this month’s magazine? 

  • Colouring Pages- I’m always so impressed with how the Mr Tumble Something Special Magazines can tempt even the most reluctant child, to colour in. This edition is no different, it’s choice of short, engaging Colouring tasks like this scarf one- are great for encouraging children to put pencil crayon to paper!


  •  Pencil Control Activities- Tasks like this Shopping Themed Activity that involves children keeping a pencil within the lines, and following its shape- are brilliant for helping children learn pencil control. This provides them with skills and prepares them for following the shapes of letters of the alphabet when learning to write. 

  • Funny Story- Reading with your child is incredibly beneficial. Not only does it provide a special time between you, strengthening relationships. But it also helps children improve their vocabulary, speech, concentration, imagination and ultimately can help them to learn to read themselves. This month’s magazine includes a short, funny story about hide and seek, with accompanying makaton signs. 

  • Basic Maths Activities– This magazine doesn’t just provide literacy benefits to children, it also helps develop basic numeracy skills through fun activities. In this month’s magazine, children can practise number formation of numbers 2 and 3. They can also practise counting objects and stickers. 

  • Crafts – We had a lot  of fun with the craft activities. They are brilliantly unique. We created egg box penguins, a tumble spinner for games and stuck ‘jewels’ on our very own crown! 


Favourite Page

We loved learning about Polar Bears with this stunning two page spread about them. It inspired us to visit the library and find out more about this beautiful animal as it’s habitat. 


Please note this blog post is Sponsored and we also received a copy of the magazine for review. However, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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