Review: Country Critters Play Cube 

This week we’ve been trying out the Country Critters Play Cube for our Vlog over on You Tube

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On our video we review the Country  Critters Play Cube by Hape which is an incredibly detailed and fun activity cube for young children. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Range of Different Activities on the Cube– Meaning there’s plenty to keep little ones entertained. On the top of the cube there’s different shaped wires with beads to push round. On the sides there’s other activities like a noisy wheel to spin and a shape sorter. The children’s favourite side was definitely the hammer and ball activity-where you tap the different coloured balls through the holes and then watch them go along the rail. The children also enjoyed the maze- where they have to push the different animals into the correct coloured area. 
  • Encourages Social Play-We loved that this toy helps children to play together/along side one another- as there’s lots of different activities to keep them occupied. And they don’t have to share the same side.
  • Develops Skills– This toy is very educational and helps develop a whole range of skills. For example problem solving activities- sorting the shapes and pushing the pieces around the maze. It also provides an oppportinity to practise hand eye coordination hammering the balls through the hole and  hand strength spinning the wheel round. 

Find it on Amazon here.


Please note we were sent a product for review, but as always all thoughts are our own. 

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