Back to School Stationary & Art Supplies from Hobbycraft 

We’ve been very fortunate this week trying out some of Hobbycraft’s fantastic art and stationary equipment for kids- ideal for those starting School for the first time in September or those just starting a new school year.

What did we try out?

Crayola Twistable Crayons (32 Pack)

What did we like about them?

The children LOVED these crayons. There’s so many colours, they are neatly organised in a carry case and best of all they are wonderfully unique- as they twist! The children felt very grown up using them- as they look and feel like pens.

And unlike regular crayons there’s no sharpening just twist them when you start wearing the crayon down..and more appears! Genius! Theres also some really amazing rainbow crayons- that are brilliant for encouraging children to write and draw. 

Assorted Gel Pens (50 Pack)


What did we like about them?
Fantastic value and such a range of colours (including some glittery, neon and metallic ones!) we thought these gel pens were brilliant for making drawing and writing a little bit more special! The pack is HUGE too- making it a lovely gift.


Giant Box of Craft 1000 Pieces

What did we like about it?

This is like a treasure trove of craft goodies- the kids were (understandably) very excited to open it! So much so I didn’t get chance to take a photo of the ‘zig zag scissors’ as they quickly took them out and were cutting away with them before I got chance!

The craft box is ideal for weekends and for fostering a love of arts and crafts. But it also struck me that this would be incredibly useful for those last minute homework demands that kids come home with! No more panicking when your child informs you he needs sequins, a Pom Pom or two Googly Eyes for his homework project the night before its due!

We loved how open ended the craft box is and how it promotes creative thinking. These are just a selection of some of the things the children decided to make with the craft materials inside:

Art Set (120 Pieces)

What did we like about it?

This Art Set is absolutely wonderful- it is packed full of everything young children would ever need for Art activities. The children loved that it was in a ‘suitcase’ (carry case!) that they could close and carry round. I loved that each crayon, pastel, felt tip has is own place…so no losing them!!

Again, its a brilliant, good quality and great value resource for encouraging a love of art and getting children to put pen to paper. I think even the most ‘reluctant artist’ wouldn’t be able to resist trying to draw, paint and colour with these!

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