Making a Simple WW2 Spitfire Glider With Twinkl

We are learning all about Aeroplanes this week on The SEN Resources Blog with aeroplane themed toy, book and activity reviews. 

One activity we had great fun doing and I would recommend is the ‘Simple WW2 Spitfire Glider Activity Paper Craft‘ by Twinkl. 

Perhaps the easiest and fail safe way to help children create their own paper planes! 

What do you do? 

Literally just print off the paper templates and the children (depending on ability) can cut out the planes, fold and fly them! 

What did we like about it

  • Easy to Set up– Providing you’ve got ink in your printer, this has to be one of the easiest activities to set up. It’s also great if you’re not a pro paper airplane maker (…I’m not either)! 

    • Encorporates other Topics– Whilst creating our airplanes I was struck by the number of questions the children had about planes and soon realised it’s a brilliant way of teaching or starting a topic about history, world wars, aviation, engineering etc! 

      • Extend– We also enjoyed drawing round our planes to make blank templates that the children could then decorate themselves. They loved designing their own logos for the planes, choosing the colours and personalising their creations. 

        Find out more about it on the Twinkl Website here

        *Please note we have received a complimentary subscription to Twinkl, however all opinions and words are our own. 

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