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Review: CBeebies Mr Tumble Something Special Magazine (April)

This month’s Mr Tumble Something Special Magazine has been our favourite edition of the magazine so far. A must buy for anyone who’s kids love the farm! 

For those of you who haven’t bought the magazine before (or read my previous reviews of the magazine) the magazine is fun and educational and based on the Mr Tumble Something Special TV Programme. It’s aimed at all pre-school aged children and is particularly useful for those with special educational needs and disabilities. 

What do we like about it? 
The magazines are packed full of stories, colouring pages , stickers, activities, crafts and includes makaton signing system on every page. Great for entertaining and educating young children. We also love that the magazine promotes awareness of special educational needs and disabilities. 

So, what about this month’s magazine…

This month’s Magazine: April  

(I tried several attempts to take a photo of just the magazine but the kids were so excited by the gift..that they literally wouldn’t take their hands off it!) 


A really great gift inside the April edition: Grandad Tumble, his farm animals and a pen to put them in. The toys provided hours of Imaginative Play and further fuelled the children’s love of farm animals.

Knowledge learnt
This month the magazine helped them learn all about: 

  • Plants– They learnt that seeds are planted in the soil and that they need water and sunlight to grow. 

  • Insects- This months edition has a beautiful double page all about insects. Teaching children the names of common garden insects through the use of stickers. 

  • Sign language – Each page of the Mr Tumble Something Special Magazines teaches makaton signs. This month my children really engaged with trying to learn sign language. Especially the Sing and Sign nursery rhyme page, which featured one of their favourite rhymes ‘Row row row your boat’


    • Colouring– There’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy and practise colouring, which delighted my youngest! My eldest doesn’t usually have the patience for colouring, but the rainbow colouring activity really encouraged him to have a go. And it’s helped improve his technique significantly as he was desperate to keep the colour within the lines, to make sure it was a perfect rainbow. 

    • Mark Making– Such an important skill to develop in order to learn to form letters correctly. As usual, the Mr Tumble Something Special Magazine has cleverly included plenty of fun activities to get little ones to put pen to paper. 

    • Stickers– We love stickers and so we adored the numerous sticker activities. Our favourite was sticking the characters on the puddles scene and deciding who would get the umbrellas! 

      Craft Activities– 

      There’s a lovely collection of craft activities inside this month’s edition, including: 

      …making a Farm Scene- a brilliant activity that really gets children practising their scissor skills; cutting each animal and farm related prop out. There’s also lots of folding needed to stand the animals up. Both of which help develop children’s hand strength and fine motor skills

      ….and we were inspired to make a cardboard tractor 

      Favourite Activity

      We couldn’t agree on our favourite activity this month. The children liked the “drawing my face activity” the best. Which is a lovely activity, teaching kids how to create their very own portraits. 

      …whereas my vote is (like most parents I’m sure!) for the bedtime reward chart. A fantastic and well thought out tool for developing a good bedtime routine..and ultimately encouraging more sleep for everyone!


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      Please note this blog post is Sponsored and we also received a copy of the magazine for review. However, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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