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Review: Squidgydoodle Spring Craft Box 

We are celebrating Spring this week on The SEN Resources Blog and so the lovely people at Squidgydoodle sent us their Spring Craft Box to try out!

Squidgydoodle produce incredible, fun and creative craft and party boxes for children aged 3 years and up.

What did we like about it? 

  • Varied– We loved the range of different craft activities in the box. Each with its own set of easy to follow instructions. We made multicoloured wiggly worms and played with them in pretend mud, created our own egg shaped sun catcher and even squirted (I mean ..gently squeezed!) paint out of a pipette!


  • Unique- The activities are fantastic and so novel. I would never have thought to add oil to cocoa powder to make an environment for pretend wiggly worms made from pipe cleaners and beads! Genius!

  • Fun– Most importantly, the children had a massive amount of fun completing the craft activities. They were incredibly proud of their creations too (and rightly so!)

  • Developed Skills-I loved that, without the kids realising, they were developing a whole range of skills whilst completing these crafts. For example creativity with the spring collage…

Fine motor skills when      threading the beads onto the pipe cleaner…

… and the skill of following instructions!

  • The rainbow crayon- Finally, we absolutely loved the Rainbow crayon- incredible!

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