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Review: How LEGO® – Based Therapy for Autism Works

I’ve been reading How LEGO®-Based Therapy for Autism Works: Landing on My Planet by  Daniel B. LeGoff this week. A book that explains Lego® therapy and it’s benefits, through interesting case study examples. 

What did I like about it? 

  • Enthralling– It honestly didn’t feel like I was reading an educational book, it’s written so beautifully that its almost like reading a novel. I was enthralled with the case studies that give examples of children taking part in the therapy. Daniel LeGoff has a wonderful way of re-telling his sessions-that makes you feel like you’re there in his office wth him from the moment the child starts their therapy. 
  • Down to Earth– Daniel LeGoff comes across as very down to earth. For example in the introduction he writes that the Lego® therapy “…was a treatment developed by the children themselves. I wouldn’t even call myself a facilitator, except that I paid for the LEGO..” 
  • Interesting Topic– I had heard a little about Lego® based therapy before reading this but I was keen to find out more. This book explains the reasoning behind the therapy well and is a fascinating read. 
  • Supported by Case Studies– I loved that this book was heavily supported by it’s large number of case studies; that form an integral part of the book. It makes the book relatable and real. 
  • Informal Style– I just admit I was a bit daunted when I first picked up this book by the number of pages! With a young family, free time to sit and read isnt something I have much of. However, it’s written in such an informal, conversational way that it’s easy to read. 

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  1. I have heard of LEGO based therapy but that’s as far as I’ve taken it. After reading your review I will buy this book If only to read the case studies. Thanks.

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