early years book review

Review: Developing Empathy in The Early Years by Helen Garnett

I’ve really enjoyed reading Developing Empathy in the Early Years this week.

Not only because Empathy is a lovely topic to contemplate but  also because this book by Helen Garnett is genuinely very interesting. It’s packed full of history, quotes, facts and strategies and I have learnt so much from it.

What did I like about it? 

  • Science/Evidence Based– As part of my undergraduate degree I studied Neuroscience and I therefore enjoyed and appreciated the scientific research that Helen Garnett refers to. She includes some fascinating examples including descriptions of ‘mirror neurons’ and how they help us to reflect and ‘feel’ other people’s emotions. Great for anyone who’s interested in finding out more about how scientists believe we feel empathy towards each other.
  • Practical Strategies-I particularly loved the superb strategies suggested in this book. They include ways to help preschool age children develop their theory of mind- which is fascinating.
  • Overall Aim of this Book– The aim of this book is truly wonderful and one, that in my opinion, we all as parents, educators & members of society, should try to strive for – to help the next generation be empathetic. In fact, perhaps to make everyone more emphathetic.

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