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Review: A Practical Guide to Gender Diversity and Sexuality in Early Years

I’ve been reading A Practical Guide to Gender Diversity and Sexuality in Early Years by Deborah Price (Jessica Kingsley Publishers). An important book to help promote diversity and equality in early years education.

What did I like about it? 

  • Practical–  The guidance provided is useful and explained in such a way that practitioners can feel confident in implementing it.It supports practitioners in ensuring their early years setting promotes equality and diversity.
  • Builds Confidence in own understanding of the Legislation- Chapter 2 is incredibly useful at supporting practitioners in their knowledge and confidence in the key legislation surrounding equality in Early Years.
  • Case Studies- There are excellent, relatable case studies throughout the book that help practitioners to think through potential situations that may arise when implementing strategies or making changes to their setting.
  • Encourages the Reader to Reflect on own Practise-  I particularly liked that the book provides activities throughout that promotes practitioners to question their decisions, personal view point, management and setting.

  • Guidance for Everyone Involved in Early Years– Deborah Price provides guidance not just for individual practitioners in an early years setting, but also for the management and how to support families. This instigates a rounded approach that should ensure consistency.

  • Sign-Posts Other Useful Resources–  A comprehensive and relevant list of books are included in the final few pages. This further helps practitioners to effectively implement the strategies discussed.

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