Language Skills Activity: Toy Hide and Seek

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways to develop a child’s language from simple first words to conversational skills. One aspect I wanted to help encourage was learning to describe

Toy Hide and Seek is a brilliant way of doing just that. 

Choose around 6 toys (depending on attention span of child!), hide them in various places in a room. Get children to find them and ask for clues. If the weather is good- this game is even more fun outside!

What skills does it develop? 

  • Patience– it can be difficult not being able to find something (and this is true for in real life too!) But it’s important to learn patience and resilience to help deal with situations where you might not know the answer initially. 
  • Communication and Language Skills: asking for clues and then when it’s their turn..giving clues. Allows development of questions ‘is it near to…’, ‘is it high up or low down?’ etc and location descriptions– ‘its very high up’, ‘it’s underneath’, ‘it’s behind’, ‘it’s next to’ etc 
  • Social Skills: many social skills are learnt through play and this game is no exception. They can learn turn taking, sharing and perhaps..dealing with frustration (!) 

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