Review: e-book ‘Basic Shapes for Beginners’ by Growinghandsonkids.com

It is imperative that children learn to write in a fun and stimulating way that encourages a lifelong love for the written word. 

Capturing their interest in mark-making and identifying letters from the alphabet are important indicators in choosing the correct time to help children on their journey to learn to write.

So many times I’ve seen parents becoming frustrated that their child cannot copy a letter from the alphabet onto a piece of paper correctly. Usually because the stages of learning to write that letter have been missed. That’s why I love this e-book by www.growinghandsonkids.com. 

It’s a week by week, day by day guide of (fun!!) activities that helps children to learn how to write. Starting right at the beginning with horizontal and vertical lines. This guide navigates perfectly the boundary between not patronising the reader, but not presuming that they know the important stages of learning to write. 

My stars (what I liked about it)

  • It’s logical and saved time. Like many other busy people, I liked that it told me exactly what to do, when to do it and what equipment I would need. 
  • There are tons of resources to print to accompany the guide. Many of which have lovely, child-friendly pictures on to keep children engaged in the activities.
  • It’s fun!! Like I said, learning to write needs to be fun. The activities described in this guide cater to all learners with many kinaesthetic tasks to go along side the other activities. 

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