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Best Resources for Helping Young Children Understand their Emotions

Helping young children to develop an understanding of their own emotions and the emotions of others, is very important. If a child can start to use words, or signs to express how they are feeling it enables others to help them more effectively. For example, if a child […]

Top Phonics Resources 

Are you supporting your child to read at home using Phonics? Or are you a teacher who’s after some more ideas on how to make Phonics engaging? We’ve been searching for the best phonics toys, books and learning resources. These are our current favourites: Phonics Bloom– If you […]

Review: Twinkl Dyslexia Resources 

Helping children to understand and emphasise with difficulties their peers face, is incredibly important. Not only should it help reduce unkind words and bullying but in theory it should help to create a more accepting, kind and empathetic society. I was thrilled to discover that Twinkl have recently […]