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How To Make a Sensory Routine Chart; Back To School Craft

Starting school or back to school next week? Here’s a lovely activity/craft to try at home to help with the impending morning routines! Routines are important for so many families and having a set routine can help make parts of the day, such as getting ready for school […]

Review Squishy Squashy Books

We’ve been trying out Imagine That Publisher’s brand new Squishy Squashy Books this week The Squishy Squashy Books with their fun short story, bright illustrations, cute characters and squishy ‘toy like’ animal are ideal for young children. In my opinion, they are also great for some older children […]

Review: My Mood StarsĀ 

For a lot of young children, articulating their emotions can be challenging. It’s no easy task to take a step back and understand why you are feeling a certain way. Let alone choosing the right words to then explain these feelings to someone else. That’s why I was […]